Adam Seger And His Unique ”Drink Like We Eat Philosophy”

Adam Seger

When it comes to food and drinks, people deserve the best. Whenever you walk into a restaurant, you not only want the food and the drinks to be excellent, but you also want the customer service and the environment to be perfect as well. When everything syncs in well together, you can get a fine dining experience that stays on your mind for a long time as a cherished memory.

Adam Seger is a solid name to reckon with in the food and beverage industry in the USA today. He has spent a lifetime in the fields of teaching, flavor, and hospitality. He completed his graduation from the Cornell Hotel School. He served the Michelin-starred restaurants like The French Laundry located in Napa Valley, Chez Julien in Strasbourg, and the TRU in Chicago. 

He is currently working on his first book, Whet: Drink Like You Eat. He has his site where he shares his knowledge on what he has learned over the years. He aims to create inspiring and creative drink recipes and publish them in a book to help people enjoy their drinks in the same way as they enjoy their food. 

His distinct “drink like we eat” philosophy

He shares his knowledge to offer readers resources to master creating and serving culinary cocktails. He shares an introduction to readers about how they can develop cocktails via pro but practical techniques at home. He has the objective to break down all the barriers between the bar and kitchen to show people that they can do more with their drinks in the same way they treat their food. 

He teaches his readers how to prepare liquor infusions, juices, spice mix rim garnish, cocktail bitters, cured fruit, and vermouth. He gives them unique recipes that show them the connection and joy in pairing drinks with food. 

Creating special drinks 

In the past, there have been multiple books written about food, and there are unlimited narratives that connect food with culture, history, tradition, memory, and amazing personal stories. However, his book is unique in a particular way as it brings out the history of drink coupled with journalistic profiling at the forefront to feature the best workers in boutique liquor, spirit artists and to produce vendors that help mixologists to use only the best unique ingredients for creating crafted special drinks. 

Adam Seger has the objective to make everyone enjoy the process of preparing and enjoying the beverages they produce. As he shares his passion with his readers, he wants everyone to get pleasure in creating an enjoyable drink in the same way they cook when it comes to food preparation. He draws inspiration from the regular cocktail menu, and he wants to share with everyone how one can make these drinks with seasonal, high-quality, and fresh ingredients. Creating a good drink needs skill, and with the guidance of a professional mixologist like him, you can get the expertise to serve drinks that will make people say, wow!