Advantages of preparing class 11 Maths through NCERT

NCERT Books Class 11 Maths.

Mathematics as a subject is very scoring. With the right resources and reference materials, students will be able to get full marks in their examinations. Class 11 Maths is an important subject as it will help students to create a strong basic foundation for future studies. Apart from this, class 11 maths is important for students who aim to write competitive exams in their future to get into their dream colleges. When we talk about preparing for exams, we always think of the best study material or other tools to aid us during the test preparation process. Students often use the CBSE-provided study resources to prepare for and improve their performance in the test. One of the best study materials that students can use to study includes NCERT Books Class 11 Maths.

The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) develops and distributes textbooks to CBSE students at the elementary and secondary levels based on the most recent CBSE Syllabus. NCERT books are stand-alone books that are the best for getting more than 95% in all examinations. Students using NCERT books can be guaranteed that they will do well in their examinations. In the article today we will look at the importance of NCERT books in class 11 maths.


1. Provides comprehensive knowledge in simple language:

These publications are designed to give relevant information and knowledge to all pupils, regardless of cognitive level, in basic and simple language. Each topic in these books is thoroughly addressed. As a result, if you study the NCERT books carefully, you will be able to address all of your issues and obtain a thorough understanding of complex topics and subjects. These concepts and topics are written by subject experts in a simple and easy language. Hence, NCERT books provide students with comprehensive knowledge in a simple language.

2. Provides a Variety of Problems:

You will not be able to thrive on a topic no matter how hard you work on it until you put it into practice. NCERT textbooks have questions at the end of each chapter. These can be short or lengthy answer quizzes, as well as matching or fill-in-the-blank questions. Apart from this, they have a wide variety of solved problems. This will help students understand the types of questions that can be asked. It will even help to understand the question paper pattern. Along with these practice questions, it is important to go over the NCERT Exemplar problems. This will also make answering the twisted inquiries simpler. Hence, once students start to solve problems they will be able to understand all the concepts and topics better.

3. The CBSE curriculum is closely followed by NCERT books:

It is known that all NCERT books strictly follow the syllabus provided by CBSE. As a result, reading these will provide you with in-depth knowledge of every subject. It will help to strengthen the basics of all the subjects. NCERT books are widely regarded as the greatest study resource for all CBSE board students. You do not need to consult any references when studying for the exam. These books provide every important information, formula, and question to ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam. This will allow you to answer any question on the final test.

4. Aids in revision:

No matter how hard you work to prepare for the tests, you must revise and practice sufficiently to remember all you studied. It will help you to understand and remember all the topics and concepts for the exams. While revising, you should answer all of the questions in the activity that follows each chapter. You will find it easy to follow what the NCERT books have to say since they are written in simple language that you will comprehend quickly. Apart from this, you can even revise the subject using the notes that you have made. Revision notes are an important aspect if you want to score well in your exam. These revision notes will help you remember all the important concepts, topics, formulas, theories, and keywords. You can make these revision notes with the help of NCERT books. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be an expert at answering any question on the exam.

5. Helps to Understand Concepts Better

For those of you who find it difficult to understand the concepts in class, NCERT books will help you with that. This book makes all the concepts and topics easier to understand. There are topics like Binomial Theorem, Trigonometric Functions, Probability, and Geometry that require extensive understanding and practice. Hence, NCERT books simplify these concepts to help students to understand them better. Apart from that, NCERT books provide illustrative problems with real-life examples to help you understand the concepts better.

6. Provide Chapter Wise Explanations

NCERT books provide you with a detailed explanation of each chapter available in the syllabus. These explanations include formulas, identities, equations, theorems, properties, and so on. These chapter-wise explanations contain questions and answers which will help you to understand the chapter better.  Apart from that, the explanations are given by subject experts which will help you gain information and knowledge that you need to know in the subject.


There is no danger in utilizing supplementary books or reference materials. However, it is frequently observed that these reference books are full of succinct notes, without offering any basic information, which might divert students’ attention and confuse them. Because of the simplicity of language, students may acquire topics from NCERT books in less time than from other texts, saving a significant amount of time when it comes to time management in test preparation. NCERT books will help students to score well in class 11 maths with the information provided in it.  Hence NCERT books are a lifesaver.  With the correct reference material, students will be able to score full marks in their exams. Students just need to believe in themselves and they will be able to do well. 

All the best!