Benefits of Apostille Certificate: Make One’s Document Authentic

Benefits of Apostille Certificate: Make One's Document Authentic

An apostille certificate is a form of international certification. It is not to be confused with the apostille itself, which acts as an authentication document. The apostille standard was created by the Hague Conference on Private International Law under Article 7 of the Convention Abolishing the Requirement for legalization for Foreign Public Documents (officially abbreviated as “Apostille Convention”).

An apostille can be used to verify that a public document issued in one of the countries bound by the convention has been certified by a stamp duty authorized person. Apostille in Chennai holds a very distinct value in all over the country.

The main reason for this kind of usage is to authenticate documents that will be used abroad, where foreign authorities may request evidence about authenticity and jurisdiction over documents, making it possible for officials to verify that the signatures and stamps attaching the document will be valid.

An application for an Apostille Certificate may be submitted by any interested party (i.e., any person or entity, public or private).

There are several benefits of apostille certificate:

1) Convenience: One benefit that has to be mentioned first in this list is convenience-convenience being in terms of time and money both. Getting an apostille makes life very easy in terms of getting one’s documents authenticated at one place and not having to run from ministry to ministry or embassy to embassy. Many countries have their own ministries of foreign affairs that issue an apostille certificate accepted by other designated authorities of other nations.

2) Quick: As evident from the name, apostille provides a quick service of authentication which saves one both time and money in certain circumstances. For example, one would have had to wait for days or weeks otherwise if their documents were sent from authority A of country X to B of country Z . By using an apostille, this process could be expedited easily because all member-countries are members of the Hague Convention.

3) Expedited Services: With an apostille certification getting done for one’s documents, they could be sure that the services would be expedited for them. That is to say, if there are delays or other hurdles in getting their documents authenticated or legalized, apostille make it easy because it is an internationally accepted process. The document will be authenticated and have a certification attached to its originality, which can be verified by any designated authority world over.

4) Convenient locations: This benefit comes with the fact that apostille authorities are located in several countries across the globe and hence it is very convenient to get one’s document done from one of these service centers rather than going out of their way.

5) One-stop Authentication Solution: Apostille provides a one-stop authentication solution where individuals need not apply for authentication from several designated authorities.

6) Speed: Probably the most important benefit of an apostille certificate is that it provides speed to otherwise long and tedious authentication processes. Without one, getting documents authenticated could take days or weeks if not months. With apostille, however, one can get their document authenticated in just a matter of hours which saves them both time and money in certain circumstances where time is everything like buying property etc.

So, these were some benefits of apostille. The driving license, passport copy, and marriage certificate apostille are mandatory for the authentication of these public documents.