Benefits of Having a Maintenance Plan for your App

As an entrepreneur, you have built an app for your business with top-of-the-line functions and features. You also regularly check the analytics of the app to look at the usage pattern of the visitors.

After some time you may notice a slight dip in the app usage. This will increase with time and you will find that your app gets lower in-store listings, bad reviews and incurring frequent errors. So what went wrong?

This could happen if you do not have a mobile application maintenance plan. Mobile app technology and its design is continuously changing.  A long term maintenance plan for your mobile app will help you to foresee these changes.

You can make timely tweaks in design, add new features and functionalities to stay relevant and attractive to the users. employee computer monitoring

You must have a long-term maintenance plan in which you not only fix the bugs but also provide regular updates, otherwise the app will lose its attractiveness in a very short period.

The smooth functioning of the app can be affected by various factors. An app maintenance plan allows your app to perform without any issue and achieves the goal for which it was developed.

What benefits can you incur for having a long-term maintenance plan?

The long-term maintenance plan gives you a well laid out approach to keep your mobile app active and attractive. Some important benefits you can have by following a long-term app maintenance plan are as follows.

Minimize the numbers of uninstall

If your mobile app repeatedly crashes or has bugs that affect its overall performance, then the user will uninstall it. Furthermore, if the user cannot find any value in using the app after a period, then also he/she will uninstall it from their Smartphone.

If you have a long-term maintenance plan, then you can regularly check the functioning of the app and fix any issues that may affect the overall user experience.

If you make sure that your app works flawlessly and provide the benefits that the app users seek, then the chances of uninstallation reduce significantly.

Improve UI/UX

One of the best ways to make sure that you retain your users is to ensure that the app UI/UX remains modern and attractive so that the users love to use it.

To hold on to your existing app users and attract new ones, you must offer them an amazing user experience that will prompt them to return repeatedly to the app.

If you monitor your app, you will understand how the users view your app, and whether there is any change in their preferences.

Constantly updating the app database will ensure that you provide the users with the right information in an attractive way to build a stronger and deeper relationship.

If the user of the app is satisfied with the overall experience of using the app and gets what they wanted, then they will stay longer, and use your app frequently. They may even recommend the app to their friends and upload positive reviews about your app.

Improve your brand Image

If the users of your app find it working flawlessly over a long period without facing any bugs or performance issues, it will show the professionalism of your company, This in turn will help in improving your brand image.

If you fail to maintain your app, then over a period, the users will find the experience of using the app unsatisfactory. This in turn will prompt many of them to leave negative reviews of your mobile app on social media as well as in the App Store.

Get financial benefit over time

Regular maintenance of the app ensures that the overall cost of running the app remains low and you get a better ROI. Regular maintenance of the app ensures that you fix any bugs immediately, otherwise you have to spend a huge sum of money to fix it later.

Some bugs, if left unresolved could lead to very complex technical problems due to which your app may become unusable.

In extreme cases you have to again invest a huge amount of money to develop a new app.

Regular update and maintenance of your app will ensure that you create new features and improve the overall UI of the app resulting in increased conversion.

Monitor performance

Having a maintenance plan will help you or the third party (that you have contracted to maintain the app) to keep a sharp eye on the app performance.

This will ensure that in case there is an increase in loading time, responsiveness issues and others, you/or the maintenance team can quickly resolve it.


Developing an app requires a huge investment and a lot of time and effort. You surely do not want that your app becomes outdated within a few months of its launch.

A long-term app maintenance plan will provide a better user experience, improve your competitive edge, and make financial gain in the long-term. It will also improve brand loyalty amongst your target audience.

Now, if you have decided to invest in mobile app maintenance, one question might appear in your mind, what is the cost of app maintenance? To know about app maintenance costs, check out this awesome blog on how much does it cost to maintain an app.

Lastly, if you do not have the expertise to maintain your app, then we suggest that you find a reliable app developer and sign a long-term app maintenance contract with them.

It will guarantee that your app can achieve all the goals that you have set out by building it in the first place.