Dos and don’ts of physics preparation while studying for board

physics preparation

Physics is an important subject for class 12 students. Students must secure high marks in class 12 board exams in physics for improving the overall percentage in the board exams. Physics is also important for different competitive exams such as JEE mains and NEET. Most students find physics a little tougher than the other subjects. Students must clear their basic concepts about the different chapters of class 12 physics to score high marks in the board exams and competitive exams. Students who are weak in calculation and numerical solving have to work hard to score high marks in class 12 physics board exams. Students not only have to prepare physics for the board exams but they also have to prepare it for the competitive exams. A few dos and don’ts are given here that students must follow for physics preparation while studying for board exams.


Students must know the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus for Physics to score high marks. Students must know the number of chapters in the NCERT book and their marks distribution. This will help students to know which chapters they have to focus on more for scoring high marks in the board exams. Knowing the syllabus for class 12 physics will also help students to divide their time properly. They can divide the available time to study at least one chapter every day. 

  • Students must know the important topics of class 12 physics. Students can focus more on the important topics to score high marks. Topics such as electrostatics, optics, Current, and Electricity are important in class 12 physics. Students must focus on such topics to score high marks in class 12 physics.
  • Students must read all the chapters of class 12 physics from the NCERT book. It is the most important source of information for the class 12 students because the CBSE paper is prepared from the NCERT book and students must prepare well for all chapters from the NCERT book. 
  • Students can also prepare for the competitive exams from the NCERT books because these books are given in simple language that is easy to understand. Students who fear physics can also understand all concepts easily from the NCERT books. Therefore, students must read all NCERT books of class 12 physics to score high marks.
  • Students must learn important formulas given in different chapters in class 12 physics. They should write the important formulas in the notebook so that they can quickly revise all important formulas and concepts during the final exams. 
  • Students must prepare short notes for class 12 physics. They should write all important points and concepts in a notebook. This will help students in saving money and can also help to revise the important chapters and topics quickly before the final exam. Students can easily carry their short notes along with a final revision just before the exam. 
  • Students should solve previous year’s question papers. Students can download previous year’s board exams for class 12 physics from the internet. Papers of 10 years are given on the internet. Students must practice at least one sample paper every day. Many times questions are repeated from the previous year’s question papers. Students can also get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam and their preparation level
  • Students must practice numerical problems based on different chapters. Numerical problems are important for class 12 students who want to score high marks in the class 12 physics board exam. Therefore, they must solve as many numerical problems from the different chapters as they can to improve their calculation skills and speed in solving numerical problems.
  • Students must practice diagrams and figures from different chapters for the board exams. Diagrams and figures given in the NCERT books are important therefore students must practice all diagrams at least 2-3 times to make sure that they know the labeling properly. Making proper diagrams in the final exam can help students to score high marks in the class 12 physics exam. 
  • Proper revision of all important concepts is a must. Students must regularly revise all important concepts from different chapters to score good marks in class 12 board exams. They can revise all important topics from the NCERT books only. Students can also revise their notes. After revising 2-3 times the entire syllabus, students can practice mock tests or can solve sample papers.
  • Students must manage time during the final exam. The time duration to complete the class 12 physics exam is three hours. Therefore, students must utilize their time effectively in solving the entire paper. They should start with the easy questions and then move to the difficult ones. Solving easy questions first will help to boost the confidence of the students and they can solve the rest of the paper easily.


Students must follow some don’ts for the class 12 physics exam. They should keep the following things in mind while learning physics for class 12 board exams:

  • Students should avoid learning new topics before the final exam. It will be difficult to memorize any new topic before the exam and students will get confused.
  • Students should follow NCERT books for class 12 physics preparation. They should avoid referring to too many books as they will get confused. 
  • Students should download sample papers and previous years’ question papers only from a reliable website. They should check the rating of the website before downloading sample papers.
  • Students should not panic or become anxious while studying physics. They should stay calm and focused. This will help to improve their efficiency and will help them to boost their confidence for scoring high marks in the class 12 physics board exam. 
  • Students should avoid staying awake late at night. They should sleep early before the exam so that they can remain fresh and happy before the exam.
  • Students should not waste time on a particular question. If they do not know the answer to a question they should leave it and should solve another question. 

Therefore, students of class 12 can follow the above-given dos and don’ts to prepare for the class 12 physics board exam and score high marks.