Everything About Christmas That You Should Know

Everything About Christmas That You Should Know

Every year on December 25th, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and observe Christmas. This tradition and ritual that we are following for years now have a considerable history behind it. Christmas is the occasion of ringing bells, singing carols, welcoming happiness, and decorating homes. In modern times it has become a festival of exchange of Christmas gifts and sweets. It is also the chance to relish Christmas cakes with family. This holy day is usually celebrated at midnight. Still, we are ignorant of what really lies at the roots of all these customs and traditions. Most of us are unaware of the story behind Christmas and related customs.

Here you will find how Christmas originated and how it has become a tradition. You will also find the story behind the customs attached to it and what is their relevance. Let’s have a look at all of this.

Origin of Christmas

This annual festival of Christmas, celebrated on December 25th commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. The actual date of the birth is still a hidden story, but according to a Christian Historian, the date of birth was identified as of December 25th. This became a tradition and well known after this. This day also marks the symbol of the resurgence of the Sun, according to the Roman Catholic Church.

There is a different notion behind the birth of Jesus. It is believed that the world was created with the strike of light on March 25th. Jesus took birth after nine months of this event.

Christmas trees and Christmas celebration

The Egyptians or the Romans can be credited for the birth of Christmas trees to celebrate this occasion. Do you love decorating the Christmas tree every year to welcome Santa Claus on Christmas night? The evergreen trees like fir and pine trees became to be used for Christmas celebrations traditionally. They were decorated with fruits, nuts, and things that are full of nourishment and nutrients. Today we see glittery bells, sparkling balls, and other fancy decorating materials all over the Christmas tree.

The custom has evolved much, but the enthusiasm with which we celebrate this occasion has been unchanged. It is as youthful and exciting to celebrate Christmas as it was a century ago. Even today, the mere idea of Christmas can send chills of excitement down your spine.

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How is Christmas celebrated around the world?

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated since the ninth century. It is marked by many Catholics at midnight by singing Christmas carols and narrating The fall of Eden’s garden. This festival unites all countries around the world to celebrate humanity for which Jesus Christ stood for. They welcome the culture of brotherhood and fraternity dedicate this day to the one in need.

Days before the occasion of Christmas, streets are decorated with strings of lights. Corners have a giant Christmas tree adorned with lots of bells and balls.

You can’t help but immerse musical sounds in the ringing of bells. As soon as Christmas approaches, everyone starts to revel in Christmas Vibes. Everyone lists all their wishes. Everyone awaits Christmas Eve when Santa would arrive to wield his wand to fulfill all of them.

Christmas gifts for loved ones

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Festivals are an inalienable part of our lives. They help us shape a positive outlook in life. It helps to build relationships and always be happy and content with what we have. It imbibes in us the hope, trust, and passion for life. Light a candle on Christmas and ask Jesus to illuminate the right paths in life for you.