GMAT Score Validity and GMAT Books

GMAT Score Validity and GMAT Books

The scores you obtain on your GMAT determine your admissions into the top universities in the world. Hence, you will need to ensure that you are well prepared for the exam so that you can achieve the desired score. The total GMAT score ranges from 200-800 and a good GMAT score is a score above 700. Let us now learn more about GMAT scores and for how long they are valid below.

GMAT scores

The GMAT exam comprises 4 main sections – Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Quantitative Reasoning. Your GMAT scores depend on your performance in each of these sections. Once you complete the GMAT exam you will receive your unofficial scores or raw scores instantly. You then have the opportunity to either accept or reject the scores depending on your performance. If you choose to cancel your scores then you must take into consideration if you have sufficient time left to retake the exam and submit your applications to the university before the deadlines. On the other hand, if you accept your scores, then you will receive your official score reports within 20 days of completing your GMAT exam. 

The official score reports are also sent to the universities you have shortlisted. Now, there is yet another question which most of the candidates attempting the GMAT ask — how long are the GMAT scores valid? The GMAT score validity is five years from the date of the exam. Your scores can be used for admissions anytime within this 5 year window period. Another important point to remember is that there is no special accommodation for recent scores in comparison to older GMAT scores.

Now that you are aware of the validity of your GMAT scores, you will have to prepare diligently to be able to attain the desired score. For this you will need the right study materials such as the best GMAT books. We have listed some books that will help you in your preparation. 

GMAT Books 

If you have decided to attempt the GMAT exam, then you must get some good study materials that will help you with your preparation. While there are several study materials available online to assist you in preparing for the GMAT, the most important and commonly used preparation materials are books.

Books play a vital role in helping you prepare for the GMAT and they can be selected as per your requirements. We have listed below some of the best GMAT Books which are available in the market to help you with your preparation.

  • The GMAT official Guide 2021 –  The official guide is published by the GMAC (the creators of the GMAT). It is one of the most immensely popular choices among candidates preparing for the GMAT.  The Official guide is a comprehensive book that consists of all study materials you will ever need to help you score well in the exam. It comprises topics covering all the syllabus, sample questions (questions which have previously been asked on the GMAT) and solved sample papers. Another useful addition to the book are flashcards. They help to learn new concepts and retain old topics learnt as well.
  • The Critical Reasoning Bible (PowerScore) – This is an immensely popular book which most students prefer for the critical reasoning section of the GMAT. It explains the basic concepts of critical reasoning and the various strategies you need to adopt to help you in solving the questions. It is certain to boost your score in the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam.
  • Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann) –  If you need to hone the quantitative section, then this book is the right choice for you. You will need basic knowledge of mathematical topics to help you cover all the essential topics in this book. This book contains all the important topics of the Quantitative Reasoning section, thereby, covers the entire syllabus. It is certain to help you enhance your mathematical knowledge and skills.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about the role of books in your GMAT preparation and also about how long your GMAT scores are valid.

Good Luck!