Science is one of the ancient subjects and is considered an important academic discipline that covers a wide variety of subjects. It is also one of the fundamental parts of the term STEM, which refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In many countries around the world, promoting STEM subjects as students’ career option is a topic of discussion. This is narrowed down specifically to science, which can lead to many great degree options for students. So why doesn’t science belong to a minority section? And why is getting more students interested in studying science at university extremely important?

Firstly, science helps our understanding of our existence and the world around us. Everything about the universe, from how organisms reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the outcome of scientific experiments over many years. Though science is based more on inductive reasoning than deductive, the possibility for the conclusion to go wrong is possible. Also, technology plays a major role in the development of science-related research, therefore as technology develops further, increased chances to unravel information and facts hidden not just about the universe but in all aspects of life is seen. For example, there was a time when scientists believed the earth was flat, but later as technological development took place over time, they realized that it is round which made more sense. Another example is that the atom was considered the smallest particle in the world until the invention of the microscope which led to the discovery of subatomic particles.

Advanced discoveries in the scientific field have shaped our modern world. If we trace back to the origin of all these amazing discoveries, we end up with individuals as students interested in learning science. That’s the reason why it is the responsibility of governments, school managements and society to promote Science related programs at schools which in return ensures progress in all the fields that affect our daily lives.

In schools across the world, Science is divided into the 3 classical fields: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics which are significantly distinct from each other in terms of every aspect.

At university, many scientific disciplines fall under these 3. This allows students to realize their interests and pursue their careers accordingly. Students with a degree in the scientific area are specially recognized and appreciated. At the same time, a Science degree will enable graduates to get well-paid jobs, and even choose the country in which they want to work in.

In many countries around the world, STEM graduates are in high demand as they contribute so much to the overall development of the country. If you want to shape the world around you, indulge yourself in inventions and discoveries in the scientific area that benefit mankind. Explore your interests and pursue the career you are dreaming of.

Students need proper guidance and preparation strategy to score well in Science papers. The Class 10 Science syllabus is vast. Students should have a proper study plan so that they finish the syllabus before the exam and get enough time for practising the previous year’s papers and mock tests. Some students find this subject interesting and easy, while some find it difficult. 

Class 10th Science is one of the major subjects that could help students in shaping up their entire career by helping them realize their interests in-stream choice. Therefore, the students who are willing to take science as their main subject in their higher standards are advised to have a thorough conceptual understanding of what is taught in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This will build a strong foundation which is a necessity as nothing can be built without having a strong foundation. Students usually get anxious and stressed as the exam approaches. So, here are some important tips that help students to make their science studies easier and build confidence in them.

  • Students must have completed the syllabus from the classroom. But they need to go through it once again and make sure they didn’t miss any crucial topics. This will add up to your number of revisions and they get to know on which topic they have to put extra effort as well as the topics they are confident enough about. Accordingly, they can come up with an effective study plan and work on those areas. Along with the revision, it will be better if they solve the NCERT textbook questions which cover all the topics. Aside from the English medium version, Science Class 10th Hindi Medium NCERT Books are also quite easily available on the markets as well as online. 
  • In Physics, conceptual and formula-based questions are the frequently asked questions in the exam. Topics that are important from the exam perspective that are also seen more often are some of the important questions that can be expected. Newton’s laws of motion are one of the important topics that can’t be ignored at any cost. Moreover, it acts as a fundamental chapter that will also help you solve questions that are from other chapters. Practice numerical on the series and parallel combination of resistances because those are considered crucial topics.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers and attend mock tests to get an idea of the exam paper. The theory part is equally important as it not only helps to score on theory questions but also on application type as they might require the usage of theory.
  • Chemistry is considered as a high-scoring part and requires not much time as compared to physics for preparation. Learn the tips and tricks involved in balancing chemical equations. 
  • Every year 2-3 questions are frequently asked from salts and their compounds. So, students must be prepared for questions about their common names, preparation, chemical formula, and uses of salts and their compounds. Focus on carbon compounds and their nomenclature containing functional groups.
  • Keeping revision notes will assist in your last-minute preparations.
  • Understand the Modern periodic table with electronic configuration and memorize all the elements placed in the 1st and last two groups of the Periodic table as it will make your answering much easier. Speed and accuracy can be acquired only through repeated practice of sample papers.
  • In biology, the students should focus on diagrams like the representation of reflex action, respiratory system, the human brain, different parts of a flower, female and male reproductive organs, etc. Students often put biology into the category of easy subjects which in reality is but some complex terminologies could only be memorized by doing regular revisions. Biology comprises several complex diagrams, therefore students must build a habit of drawing a neat and clean diagram while writing the answers.