Itinerary Chikmagalur – a journey through coffee land

Itinerary Chikmagalur – a journey through coffee land

Located at the foot of Mullyangiri, Chikmagalur is a charming town. The so-called coffee country attracts thousands of visitors annually to its lush green valleys and views. Chikmagalur must be at the top of your bucket list when you’re in Bangalore. Chikmagalur has something for everyone planning an adventure with friends or seeking a calm family getaway. But this isn’t just that! You shouldn’t miss this monsoon-beauty from anywhere in the world if you go to Karnataka. Here is a route to Chikmagalur inspiring you to plan this moon trip.

Chikmagalur Itinerary

Twice – once in the monsoon, once in the summer – I have visited Chikmagalur, but it has both been with the family (senior citizens). There are certain limits to how much we can study and slow down in a short period of time. Fortunately, during the planning of my perfect tour, I was able to explore a number of places the next day. These are three changes to the itinerary for you in Chikmagalur.

A weekend tour with friends from Chikmagalur

It’s more like a weekend trip with friends when Chayan and I travel together as a couple. Most of the time we stay outdoors and try to explore as much as possible. I don’t like contact, I don’t like attractions and Chikmagalur is also not a place. There are many opportunities for hiking and exploring the coffee plantations to stop at a number of places just to enjoy their views. That’s what we’d do on an ideal Chicmagalur weekend trip.

Day 1:

Begin around 5 a.m. early in the morning. Get to your hotel and refresh yourself by 11 am. If the weather is cool, then head for a trek to Mullyangiri. But I would suggest you to make reservations for the next morning, when you visit in the dry summer. Get off on a Jeep ride to the fall of Jhari, then go on to the hills in Bababudangir. Come home for lunch in the town of Chikmagalur. In contrast to the countryside, there are many restaurants in the town with limited choices. You can then go to the Mahatma Gandhi Park, Basavanahalli Lagoon and observe the Hirekolale Lake sunset from there.

You can skip the Gandhi Park and Basavanahalli Lake for the day when it is too early.

Day 2:

Wake up early when you missed the day 1 trek in Mullyangiri. You can visit Mullyangiri at sunrise and return to hotel for breakfast if you have a complimentary breakfast booked in your hotel and then check it out. Otherwise, rest your feet for the exhaustion of two short walks the day before. Check out at 10 am on the way to Ayyanakere Lake, exploring the tea and coffee plantations. The temple of Belur can be visited from here, or the Halebeed temples can be explored. Go to Bangalore. Then continue.

If you have a long weekend you can spend a day on the wildlife sanctuary in Bhadra or on the Kudremukh trek. Well, a hike to Kudremukh could be in itself a weekend trip.

A weekend trip with a family in Chikmagalur.

I mean my family to parents and senior citizens because I don’t know how to travel with children. If they are fit enough physically, you are all right to take the same route. However, you must plan differently if you are not adequate for trekking. We booked an Airbnb inside a coffee plantation the last time I visited my extended family. The summer was pretty hot, so that was a good decision. In this situation, this is a route you can take.

Day 1: Halt at the tempes of Belur and then visit Jhari falls, Mahatma Gandhi Park and Hirekolale Lake on your way to Chikmagalur, Yagachi dam,

Day2: Visit Bialavadi (Halebeed) to explore the plantations.

Best spots to visit in 2 days in Chikmagalur

Now that you have a rough route, let ‘s look at the best places in Chikmagalur to discover what interests you the most. Actually, the district of Chikmagalur has so many jewels that at times I feel that it is not true of the label “weekend destination.” The best thing is to stay in Bangalore every weekend and discover something new, you can continue visiting places like these.

Mullyangiri Hills

Mullayangiri is Karnataka’s highest peak at an altitude of 1950 metres. Therefore, a trek to the top of Mullayangiri is an attraction for lovers of adventure. You can take the 3 km long route from Sarpadaari if you like trekking. Usually up to 1.5 hours is required to this moderate level trek. The road connexion is direct to a closer point, only 1 km from the summit and steps to it. The peak from here takes just 20-30 minutes. On my first weekend trip, I would prefer this one. When we first caught up in Chikmagalur with our family, however, it was raining cats and dogs, and our parents were clearly unprepared.

Honnammanna waterfall

Take some rest and drive to Honnammanna after the trek to Mullyangiri. The people seem to be quite insane about this cascade on a staircase flight. If you ask me, I am no big fan of the site, but it is easy to reach and looks beautiful. You can enjoy some wild seasonal fruits, roasted maize, tea and coffee in this place.

Explore around Kemmangundi

If you have visited the places on my suggestive route before your second weekend trip to Chikmagalur you can visit the nearby hill stations. Kemmangundi, situated in the same District of Chikmagalur, is one of the most beautiful hills near Chikmagalur. You can walk to the Kemmanagudi mountain, visit the famous Hoysala falls and the lovely temples.

Bhadra wildlife sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is part of UNESCO’s Western Ghats natural heritage sites. This site, situated between Chikmagalur and Shimoga, contains 120 trees species and 250 bird species. The Bhadra dam on the mighty River Tungabhadra is a famous attraction here. This place is renowned for adventures such as jeep safari, watershed, climbing and camping.