Tips to prepare class 9 Chapter 14 Maths

Tips to prepare class 9 Chapter 14 Maths

In Class 9, students will study different concepts of maths that will help them in the future. Students of class 9 will study an important topic in maths that is statistics. Chapter 14 of maths in class 9 is based on statistics and different concepts. It is an important chapter for the exams and also for future studies. In this chapter, students will study the collection, organization, interpretation, analysis, and presentation of the given data. Statistics is used in different fields therefore it is an important topic and students must focus on the main concepts given in this chapter. In this article, we will discuss the main tips to prepare for class 9 chapter 14 maths. 

Preparation tips for class 9 chapter 14 statistics

Students can use the given preparation tips for class 9 chapter 14 statistics. The tips given here can help students to understand the basics of statistics and use them judiciously for solving different questions asked in the exam. 

Students must refer to the NCERT book for understanding the basic concepts of statistics given in chapter 14 of class 9. They should try to solve the questions given in all exercises of chapter 14. There are a total of four exercises in chapter 14. Students must solve each question and should try to understand the methods for solving different questions. If students are unable to understand a particular topic they can refer to the NCERT solutions for class 9 chapter 14 available on the internet. Students can download the solutions on their computers and can refer to them at any time for exam preparation and a proper understanding of the chapter. Besides solving questions from different exercises, students must solve all the examples given in the NCERT book. Most questions asked in the exams are from the NCERT book. Therefore, students must practice the questions and examples from the NCERT book thoroughly for scoring high marks in this chapter. 

After solving the questions from the NCERT book, students can study from extra books. RS Aggarwal for class 9 provides comprehensive study material for class 9 students for a better understanding of all topics. Students can solve questions given in the RS Aggarwal book. If they find any difficulty in solving the questions in the RS Aggarwal book they can refer to the RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions Chapter 14. The solutions for class 9 chapter 14 are given on the internet in PDF format and students can download the solutions easily on their computers for future reference. RS Aggarwal solutions provide a detailed explanation of each question given in the textbook that helps in a quick understanding of the concepts.

Once the students finish the entire chapter from the NCERT book and RS Aggarwal, they can refer to the sample papers for class 9 chapter 14. Students can find sample papers for class 9 chapter 14 on different websites. They can choose a reliable website to download the sample papers. Students must practice sample papers for class 9 chapter 14 to estimate their preparation. Solving sample papers can help students to identify their difficulties and solve them properly. Students can also identify if they have understood all concepts of statistics or not. They can work harder to strengthen their weak points about the chapter.

Previous year’s question papers can also help students to prepare well for the final exams. Students of class 9 should refer to the previous year’s question papers to find out the type of questions asked from chapter 14. Students can practice similar questions for the exams. Students can also get an idea about the weightage of marks given in chapter 14. They can get an idea about the difficulty level of the questions asked in the final exam and can prepare accordingly. 

Most students believe that statistics is an easy chapter and they do not pay much attention to this chapter but regular practice of the questions from statistics is important to prepare this chapter properly for the exams. Students should practice questions from different sources to make a stronghold on the important topics related to the chapter. 

Students must revise all important concepts related to statistics from their study notes and different books. They should revise the formulas and other definitions before the exams. Statistics is a scoring topic and students can score full marks by proper understanding and timely revision of all concepts before the exams. 

Topics covered in class 9 chapter 14 statistics

The different topics covered in class 9 chapter 14 include the following:

  • Students will study grouped and ungrouped data in class 9 chapter 14. They will understand the difference between ungrouped and grouped data. An ungrouped data is available in the raw form and is not divided into groups. In grouped data, the observations are arranged in an organized manner. 
  • Students will also study different definitions in class 9 chapter 14 related to statistics. Students will learn important definitions such as frequency, class interval, class width, mode, median, etc. There is a total of 4 exercises and students can find solutions for all exercises in PDF format. They can download the solutions and can refer to them while preparing for the final exams. 
  • Exercise 14.1 is very easy because it has only two questions. 
  • In exercise 14.2 there are nine questions and students can also solve four examples given in the exercise to prepare for the exams. 
  • In the third exercise, there are nine questions and students can also practice nine examples given in this exercise for better understanding.
  • In the last exercise is 14.4 students have to solve six questions and there are six examples given that can also help students to understand the concepts. 

Thus, there are a total of 26 questions in class 9 chapter 14. Students can practice all questions from the NCERT book.

After solving NCERT textbook questions students can also practice more questions on statistics. In this way, students can understand the main concepts of this chapter and they can score high marks in the final exams of class 9.